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Seeking God in New Beginnings

September 29. It was supposed to be the end of a season for me; the end of ten years of going through the same thing. Instead, what should have ended on that day took a slight turn and started afresh. And I struggled with it. I sulked. I pouted. I grumbled at God and asked Him why He had to go and change my plans.

Then a series of calamities hit the Caribbean and the surroundings regions.

Earthquakes in Mexico.







It seemed as though there was no time for recovery before persons were bracing for another disaster. Yet here I was, selfishly lamenting the fact that the thing I wanted to end, would not. While there were persons, thousands of them, who were being forced into a new beginning, not of their choice, a beginning that nobody would ever choose if given the chance. Persons have lost their homes, their possessions, their family members, their friends, their lives. Those left behind were facing a tomorrow that seemed so much harder than their yesterday.

Then suddenly I felt – ungrateful. Here I was with an opportunity one would consider golden while persons were struggling to get through the next hour, the next minute.

I had to look at new beginnings in a whole new way.

How were these persons who were affected by the recent disasters going to rebuild? Did they the money to rebuild? How much help would they receive from the state? Would they receive any aid?

So many of their routines would now be different, how would they be able to cope?

At times like this it’s so easy to believe that God has somehow failed in His protection of us. But I want to share a word with anyone who has to face a new beginning today:

It’s okay to be grateful. Things may be hard but you’re still alive. As long as there is life we have hope. Sometimes it gets darkest right before a breakthrough.

Despite how it may feel, God will never leave us or forsake us. He loves us more than we will ever be able to understand for reasons all His own. There is nothing He wants more than to help us through our time of distress.

But He wants us to want Him. In this time of unwanted change, we have to seek His face. We have to go into His presence. We have to spend time with Him.

Are you mad at Him? Tell Him. He can handle your anger, but be willing to listen and obey when He speaks.

It will become easier. Maybe life will not get back to where it was before. But your tomorrow will eventually get easier than your yesterday.

There’s a man in the Bible who had some hard things happen to him. He lost all his wealth in one day. All his children (ten of them) were killed simultaneously. Almost all his servants were murdered. If that wasn’t bad enough, he got a disgusting skin disease and became the laughing stock of his community. He couldn’t even sleep in his own bed – it was that bad.

It was hard for Job to hold on to God. He had a lot of questions and arguments for God. But eventually he got a place where he recognized that God was still God. His faithfulness was rewarded when God restored his wealth to him tenfold. He fathered ten more children. Now this didn’t make up for what he lost, but it strengthened his relationship with his heavenly Father.

The same is true for us my friend. If we remain faithful to God, He will remain faithful to us. Embrace your new beginning as we close out this year – it may not be what you wanted, but you can still find joy and opportunities for worship in it.

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