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We're Making a Change!

Thank you for subscribing to the The Journey! I had a vision for this site many years ago, and I am so happy to see it realized. I'm grateful to every writer that makes the time and gives such tremendous effort to telling their stories and lessons of faith and sharing them with our readers. I firmly believe in the power of testifying and helping each other grow in faith, and here at the Journey we aim to do that.

Over the months I've patiently watched our impact grow steadily in some areas and become stagnant in others. It's for this reason that I am making a change to the way we distribute our posts. As of this week, we will no longer be sending out The Journey via email. We are on Facebook and Twitter, and hope that you would continue to follow us via social media. If you are not a social media lady then please just come by and visit the site from time to time and see what's new! Leave us comments and continue to share the site.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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