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Is Anything Too Hard for God

At the appointed time I will return into there, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son. (Genesis 18:14 KJV)

"Is there anything too hard for God, ” is a rhetorical question that God asked his faithful servants to affirm them of his love and provision for them. As it was in the biblical days, God is today still asking his people, his daughters the same question: "Is anything too hard for God?"

The question is not meant to evoke sarcasm, but rather to strengthen our faith. God had promised Abraham and Sarah so many years before that he, {Abraham} would become the father of many nations and that his seeds would be as numerous as the stars. However, after years of waiting, that promise was becoming a fleeting dream. Hope and aspirations were wearing thin, and the fulfillment of this promise seems almost near impossible.

To add to the difficulty, Abraham was now very old, and Sarah beyond the years of childbearing. For Sarah, the longing and hoping for a child was now turning into sadness. You see, she had seen so many young women become mothers. She yearned for the day when she would be able to hold a child of her own; when God's promise would be fulfilled in her life.

This yearning became a burning desire for Sarah that it drove her to the point of desperation, which lured her to step out of God's divine will, as she suggested that her husband lay with her handmaid in order to produce a child for them. Of course, ladies, we know the disaster that brought. Sadly, this faithful daughter of God found out the hard way, that going out of God's plan, only compounds the problem, and the end result produces pain, hurt, and resentment, which, in turn leads to deep regrets.

But thank God we serve a merciful Saviour who shows up just when we need him most, like a long awaited check in the mail, he comes just in the nick of time and meet us right in the midst of our guilt, shame, fears. Sarah found herself in that place. She now was in the presence of God, her unbelief was revealed, and God’s faithfulness was demonstrated. As women and mothers, we can all identify with Sarah. Whether it is praying to have a child, or praying for the salvation of a spouse, wayward children, siblings or other loved ones, we sometimes doubt God promises.It is also at this time, that our heavenly Father places his loving arms around us and reassures us of his awesome love.

As a divorced mother of two boys there are days that I doubt God's promise of a righteous seed, and like Sarah, I am learning how to patiently wait on God.And so, the question is asked: “Is anything too hard for God?" I trust our answer will be a resounding: ‘No!

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