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Goodly Heritage

At one time or another, we have all been plagued with sleepless nights or worrisome days because of life’s trials and uncertainties. Circumstances in life come to test us and question the God we serve.

I remember a time when every aspect of my life was being tested. What I deemed as ‘life-long’ friendships failed; my “stable” income became unsteady; and my “clean bill of health” became marred. I aimlessly sought comfort to no avail. On one of my restless nights, I awoke from a dream where I was crossing rough seas on a broken floating bridge, jumping from one plank to another to get to safety. I fell in at the last jump and an arm reached down and pulled me up. I woke up with reassurance that I had no need to fret and I had to know that through it all, God would always be with me and that my job was just to walk closely to him.

When we align ourselves with God and live according to His word we live with a peace that exceeds all human understanding. We take on a Peter-like faith that defies the odds and makes walking on water possible. We become fearless like David and are able to defeat any seemingly “over-sized” obstacle that stands in our way. God promises that our prayers will avail.

Make thanksgiving and praise to God a part of your daily routine; allow your light to shine bright, listen for and follow through with Divine Assignments and practice forgiveness. Living righteously, redeemed by The Blood, assures us that we will eat the good of the land. If we remain steadfast, divine blessing is reserved for us. Nobody can take our portion. Being confident in this makes us immovable during life’s turmoil, unshakeable in the midst of daily tribulation.

Psalms 16:6 confirms that God is the One who secures our blessing so that no one can steal it. As we strive daily to remain righteous before Him, we must simply put our trust in Him. There is a promise of a sizable allotted portion, excellent legacy, significant inheritance, goodly heritage over our lives. Nothing will take our reserved portion of blessings away.

Don’t Sweat the Small, Medium or Large Stuff!! He will surely lead you into the portion of divine inheritance reserved for you.

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