May 18, 2017

“That’s enough!” I said to the Father, as if I were in any position to give directions or advice to The Almighty. I said it without thinking. I was just so overwhelmed with emotion that I couldn’t feel anything but frustration. I watched my client of several years looking frail as she acknowledged through tired eyes, t...

May 14, 2017

I’ve run out of things to buy her. It happened about five or six years ago when I bought her a designer bag, and then three months later she brought it back to me, citing the fact that she had no use for it and could not let it ‘go to waste’.

“I don’t need anything,” she says.

Her eyes don’t sparkle at the sight of new j...

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Who Are We

The Journey is the collaborative effort of Caribbean Christian women who speak and write about faith, spirituality and issues of life and abundant living.


We are motivated to draw women into deeper relationships with God and we are eager to see women connect, inspire and empower each other in the Spirit of love and unity.


Our prayer is that women will become passionate about living free and honest lives through God’s power, mercy and grace.


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