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Latasha Strachan - Founder, Contributing Editor


As a writer, teacher, and speaker, Latasha is driven by her desire to see women connect, inspire, and empower each other in God's Spirit of love and unity. Her prayer is that women will become passionate about living free and honest lives through God’s power, mercy and grace. She and her husband Ian live in sunny Nassau, Bahamas and have shared just over a decade riding the phenomenal roller-coaster called ‘marriage’. They are on a wild yet fulfilling journey as they parent and homeschool three exceptionally energetic boys!


You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and visit her blog:

Tanya Turnquest – Editor


Tanya studied French and International Studies at College of Mount St Vincent, Riverdale NY where she graduated Magna cum Laude. She spent her early career as a high school French and Spanish teacher before shifting gears to become a part of the Sales and Marketing Division of Cable Bahamas, where she is currently a Supervisor. She is an active member of her parish, and serves faithfully on the finance committee. When she is not attending to her husband and two young sons, she can be found at her favorite spot, the gym! She enjoys reading and travel.


Tanya is committed to growing in faith and stature through study of God's word and communing with his people.


Davrielle Burrows (Active)

Davrielle Burrows is a writer, songwriter, host, speaker and entrepreneur. She also has a BA in Mass Communications from Oral Roberts University. 


Davrielle owns several businesses centering around self esteem in women and event planning. She recently published "Looking For Addison: Losing Faith" the sequel to her first teen novel, that explores a high school girl's challenge to remain true to her values. 


Davrielle also serves as a youth leader at Bahamas Faith Ministries and P31 Young Ladies Fellowship. One of Davrielle's biggest passions is encouraging young people to make good choices and find their God-given purpose.


You can reach Davrielle at

Aminata Coote (Active)

Ami Coote is the wife to one video-game playing husband. The mother of a boy who is passionate about animals and building things, she spends her days trying to survive the numbers that surround her at work. By night she’s a homework checking, Bible-reading, blog-writing woman with a passion for encouraging others to dig into the word of God.

Ami invites her readers to run their own race of faith – no matter what it looks like. God created unique individuals who serve Him in various ways. 

You can read more from Ami at . You may also connect with her on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest.

Janet Hanna

Janet holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in English from Pensacola Christian College, and her passion for communications together with her love for writing has inspired her to join The Journey. 


She also is the author of a daily devotional, entitled: “Our Word 4 Today.” She believes in the words found in Proverbs 16:18:  "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men".  Thus, it is Janet's desire to use her gift of public speaking and writing to become an internationally renowned Christian writer, empowering, uplifting and encouraging others in their faith journey.

Rochelle Johnson 

Rochelle Johnson was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She was the only girl among a brood of brothers and she quickly became a tough cookie to match their bravado! At heart, she is a teacher, eager to see other grow and develop themselves fully. In addition to being the full-time Office Administrator at her church, she is also an appointed Elder and Evangelist. Rochelle has one son, Dante. Her passion is service and outreach to single parents who are economically challenged.


You can reach Rochelle at

Charlis Robins

Charlis has worked as an advocate for Occupational Therapy in the Bahamas since 2001 and has developed a passion for ALL THINGS OT (Occupational Therapy)! Coupled with that is her great passion for the things of God. She stands as confidant, covenant partner, counsellor, prayer warrior and friend to many women in the Body. Charlis lives by the 1 Corinthians 9:20-23 premise that she sums up by saying she has 'No Limits' to what she would do to gain a soul for the Kingdom of God.

Charlis has served the Body in many capacities, but her greatest ministry is parenting. She is the mother of an avid drummer, Keitho Johnson, who she affectionately calls her Junkanoo Genius.

Marva Titley-Smith (Active)

Marva is a Christian, wife, mother, writer, entrepreneur and wearer of many other hats too numerous to mention. She shares her faith at where she encourages women to slow down, find their sparkle and shine in the light of God's goodness. It is because of His great mercy that she is redirected daily to the One True Light, Jesus Christ.


You can download her new e-book ‘You Were Made to Sparkle’ at or contact Marva at

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